12. New Social Media Tool: Topsy


Tool: Topsy

Where to get it: http://topsy.com/

What they offer: Topsy seems like Google for social media. You can search for a particular keyword and it will tell you who the most influential people are that use the keyword. There are several options that allow you to search all social media, just Twitter, or even to see trending terms and experts in certain fields.

Getting Started: Once you go to http://topsy.com/ you can start searching right away, no registration required. Start typing in a keyword and it will offer suggestions of the most used words. You can also search links, tweets, photos and videos.

Favorite Feature:  I like that you can follow, reply or retweet directly from the search results. This allows you to keep track of the most influential users in the fields that you are interested in.

Overall: I am glad that I stumbled across this site. Since I am just getting started with really utilizing social media for my business, I think this will be a valuable tool to analyze what other people are doing to be influential in social media within the areas that I am interested in.

What social media tools are your favorites right now? What are your favorite tips and tricks for building your social media base? Let me know in the comments, and make sure you subscribe for tomorrows blog straight to your inbox.

Thank you to webtreats for the photo above.