1. How to make three stone drop ring earrings

Last year I started to dip my toe into crafts and DIY, trying to decorate and maintain our new house, but on a very limited budget. Every time I went to Michael’s to pick up craft supplies, however, I always had a hard time pulling myself away from the huge wall of beads. As many people who know me can attest, I like anything that is organized and color coordinated, so the jewelery making section there is right up my alley. Unfortunately, I have never really experimented with jewelery making, and the few books I had looked at were very overwhelming with all the supplies that you need to get started. I finally decided while in the store yesterday that it was time to take the leap and make a small investment and try some things out. I initially had this project from Michael’s in mind, but I couldn’t find a similar bead, and the basic bare bones instructions were overwhelming for me as a first timer. So naturally, I did what I think I will probably end up doing a lot this year, and winged it. I wanted to start out with just the basics to see whether or not I could even pull it off, so for a little over $10 including excess supplies, here is how it went:



2 Ear Wires
6 Jump rings (I used the smallest, but they have several sizes if you want more spacing or have larger beads.)
6 Beads of your choice, pictured are 10mm amethyst wire wrap glass
*Note: For this particular method, it is probably best to use beads that can be attached directly to the rings, rather than threaded, unless you are more familiar with using wire.
1 pair of pliers small enough to work with opening and closing the drops rings of your choice

Once I got all of the materials together, I found it was much easier to figure out how to put the whole thing together once I laid it out and got a feel for the finished product.

Design Layout


Start by opening one of the drop rings where the ends meet. This is probably easiest with two pliers to pull in opposite directions. I only had one pair of pliers so I closed the nose of the pliers, stuck it in the ring and slowly opened the pliers until there was enough space in the drop ring. You don’t want to open the ring too wide, especially if they are smaller, because it will make it harder to close without your beads falling off.

On the first ring put the ear wire and your first bead in the opening of the ring. The least frustrating way I found to do that was to hold the bottom of the ring (opposite the open end) with the pliers, then put the beads onto the ring by hand.

Open Drop Circle

Now that your beads are on the ring, use the pliers to close the ring. Make sure it is closed well enough that the beads won’t fall off.

Open the second drop ring and attach the first bead to a second bead. If your beads have a front and a back (like the Michael’s project for example), make sure you place them onto the ring so that the beads will be facing the correct direction. Repeat this with the third ring and attach the third bead. Of course, if you have smaller beads or want longer earrings, just continue attaching them with the rings until you like how they look. Here is the final product:



Do you have experience making earrings? Feel free to share your favorite projects, tips, tricks and can’t live without tools. I definitely want to try working with wire and maybe a jig. Let me know what you think!

Thank you to Moon Stars and PaperBeads for the featured image.